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Thaddeus Ford Jr


Thaddeus Jr

Thaddeus Ford II (born 1978)

Thaddeus Ford II is the son of Thaddeus Ford. He began playing trumpet at age 8 under the demanding instruction of his father. He did not take the trumpet seriously until he met trumpeter Wynton Marsalis at a workshop at his high school St. Augustine in New Orleans. Thaddeus joined the Brass-Hop group Coolbone and spent 5 years with them performing and recording on an international scale.

In 2001, Thaddeus formed his first group. The Continuum named as such as a tribute to his father’s band. Over a period of three years The Continuum went from being an unknown group to a popular one in the city of New Orleans. It was during this period that he joined Delfeayo Marsalis’ band.

Thaddeus became a partner in the online/offline news and entertainment promotion web portal and its affiliate He performed an extended stint at the House of Blues and Jazz in Shanghai, China. Thaddeus also performed with Shelly Carrol, Freddie Jones, Red Young, LeMark Gulley, Yashi Vaughn, Future Soul Soundclash, Noni Dressler, Arthur Riddles, Hash Brown, Marchel Ivery, Victor Cager, and a host of others. He is developing a youth summer Jazz workshop and a jazz curriculum for elementary schools. Thaddeus currently performs his New Orleans rooted sound in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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