Gabriel Music Society

Second Generation

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.13.03 PMMartin Joseph is Dameon Gabriel’s great grandfather and Larry Gabriel’s grandfather. Joseph Gabriel played the accordion but worked as a mason and plasterer. Martin known as “Big Manny” switched from the accordion to the cornet because that was the hot instrument of the time. He also led The National Orchestra of New Orleans from 1913 to 1932. Well-known players from this scene such as the cornetist Freddie Keppard and banjoist Johnny St.Cyr worked regularly in this orchestra, as dd a gaggle of Gabriel kids and their uncle, clarinetist Albert “Dude” Gabriel. The band ceased to exist after his death.

Albert “Dude” Gabriel

Clarinetist Albert “Dude” GABRIEL (1894-1989) He played with Tom Albert in 1910, and with the Pacific Brass Band from 1910-1912. He also played with some ragtime bands around this time with Manuel Manetta. Commonly known as “Dude” from the band stands. One of his addresses is listed on the self-guided walking tour in the Algiers neighborhood in New Orleans.


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